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Mechanical work

On your visit at Normand Raymond Auto Spécialité, your vehicle goes through a thorough inspection performed by a team of competent technicians who have been working with us for a long time and have acquired an extensive experience with Volvo and Subaru products. Each technician has to write a complete and precise report of the work needing to be performed on the vehicle right away, but also notes all repairs that will need to be done in the near future. This full report with pictures will help you to fully understand and manage the variety of required maintenances on your vehicle.

All old parts replaced on your vehicle are yours to keep! When parts need to be replaced on your vehicle, the old parts are kept together in a specific box to ensure you can visualize everything that needed to be replaced on your vehicle and take them with you if you wish; they belong to you after all!

We work with specialized tools and a constantly renewed inventory of parts; this increases the quality of our work and allows the technicians to get the work completed in the quickest and most efficient way so we can deliver your vehicle in the best delays.