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VIDA Service

The VIDA system (Vehicle Information Diagnostics for Aftersales) is an information and diagnosis tool created by Volvo for its car dealerships. With the VIDA system, the technicians can control and verify the failure codes of your car. Depending on the equipment and the year of built, your vehicle can be equipped with 4 to 31 computers. Each one of these computers can control different items such as engine management, adjustment of the volume on the radio or the interior and exterior lighting system. These computers control the entire electrical system of the Volvo. The VIDA system also allows us to program the vehicle’s parameters and to reprogram a new computer (module), a key or a new / lost remote control. This tool also allows us to access the Volvo parts catalogue directly.

The VIDA system is an essential tool for our business; less time is spent pinpointing the problem root cause so we can start working on the problem faster. Normand Raymond Auto Spécialité is one of the few independent garages in the Eastern Townships to own this system. All updates on the system are sent to us and to the car dealerships simultaneously; this means we can work on the vehicles built during the current year.